Our Story

Ecolistic Cleaning is a minority owned and operated green business that began as a single mother's dream to run a business while working from home.  Through growing the business organically, a vegetarian, holistic mother of four  became able to work from home while paying livable wages to other eco-conscious and hard-working co-workers, who also do their part to help protect our magical home called Earth.

The word Ecolistic was created by the founder of the company.  Courtney was brain-storming on a new name for the company when her research uncovered that the company's original name "The Greener Cleaner" was taken.  Starting with the phrase "eco", she then looked up synonym's for "down to earth".  The word "realistic" was listed and the two words melded together in her mind.  The word and subsequent company name "Eco-listic" was born.

E-co-lis-tic   adjective 1. a way of life; living in a way that reflects ones mindfulness to the precious balance between organisms and their environment.  2. realizing our place and effect of our actions on this shared Earth.

Our Mission Statement is to offer clients a reliable, all natural, non-toxic, eco-conscious cleaning service that uses no harmful chemicals, pollutants or needless waste in order to protect and even improve our quality of living, the health of our clients and Natural Cleaning Specialists and our precious environment.

 Ecolistic Cleaning, now based out of Lewes, DE, was founded in Annapolis, MD in 2003 by Courtney Kellogg.  Her strong beliefs in environmentally-friendly living joined with her concern for families, inspired a new way to clean: naturally.  Specializing in earth-conscious practices and attention to detail, Ecolistic Cleaning is a woman-owned and operated company that gets back to the basics.  We take extra time to know our clients and personalize each cleaning to suit their needs.

From the instant the company was created, there was growth and success.  Although the company started in 2003, in January of 2006 Ecolistic Cleaning became a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning service.  In September 2006 Ecolistic Cleaning opened a 2nd Division in Baltimore, Maryland and in June 2007 we opened our 3rd Division in Lewes & Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

Ecolistic Cleaning brings all of our own non- toxic supplies, Dyson HEPA vacuums and planet-friendly mops to each job.

Ecolistic Cleaning is dedicated to helping you reduce your risk of illness with the elimination of caustic fumes and toxic cleaning supplies. The elimination of these harmful products can improve breathing and help to relieve allergy symptoms.  Find out why Ecolistic Cleaning is the trusted and approved cleaning service for Maryland and Delaware!

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